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Matt Sredzinski


Having started Martial Art training at the early age of 3, Matt now has over 25 years of experience. Never having interest in any other sport Matt's whole life has been dedicated to Martial Arts and Fitness. Being versed in several styles Matt has been able to shine through as one of the most knowledgeable and youngest true experts in martial arts in the country today. Due to his hybrid system of striking he is widely considered one of the most innovative striking coaches on the Mixed Martial Arts circuit. Although known for his stand-up ability Matt considers himself a student and loyal fan to all Martial Arts. Approaching his 10th year of grappling his main objective is to make sure all of his students are well rounded and versed in all areas of combat.


  • Two time US National Karate Champion
  • Four time State Champion
  • Professional Mixed Martial Art Fighter
  • 10+ years of grappling & ground fighting, NO-GI Jiu jitsu
  • Creator of the Street Smart Self Defense System, which is now being used by several law enforcement agencies in the country
  • 12 years of personal training experience, specializing in functional muscle and core fitness
  • Former Infantry Soldier for US Army
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Undefeated Professional Boxer

Brian Karmolinski


With over 12 years of ground fighting including wresting at a national level, Brian has used his talents to compete in over 16 cage fights, capturing 3 championship belts in 3 different leagues. Brian is 23 years old and on his way to becoming one of the best professional mixed martial artists in the world!


  • Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter
  • Wrestling Coach